Fire Island: The Musical*

Written by Jarlath Jones
Direction by Fred Mann III
Stage Management by Jesica Garrou
Music Supervision by Chris Littlefield
Music Direction by Trevor Pierce
Set Design by Tyler R. Herald and Richard Oulette
Costume Design by Anthony Paul-Cavaretta
Lighting Design by Michael Cole & Zach Pizza
Props Master Daniel Brothers
Props Asst Brittany Daggett-Duffy
Projection Designers Paul Deziel, Peter Liebold & David Forsee

*Equity Member appearing with permission of Actors’ Equity Association without benefit of an Equity contract in this Off-Off Broadway production.

Watch a ‘sneak peek’ slideshow of show photos by Emily Hewitt Photography.


This summer New Yorker Anne wants time alone with Gabe, to recapture the bliss they had when they met in Paris years ago. Instead, he surprises her with what he can afford – a shared beach house  – heteros and gays together on Fire Island – legendary for its wildlife – meandering beach, booze and bikinis. It becomes  a roller coaster ride for all,  and it separates soulmates, Gabe and Anne, flinging them to opposite ends of the earth.
22 years pass and today, the day same sex marriage becomes legal, their gay housemates have invited them to the same beach house for a wedding and  reunion.  Anne arrives. Gabe has not. Will he? Is their love deep enough to defy time? And what if Gabe  never shows at all?

Come take the ride with all its laughs and tears as total strangers become family for one unforgettable summer.

Fire Island
Where love Is For Everyone


Original Book and Lyrics by Jarlath Barsanti Jacobs

Music by 2020 Grammy award winner Emilio Solla, Composer

Direction and choreography by Fred Mann III.


Original Book and Lyrics by Jarlath Barsanti Jacobs

Jarlath began as an award winning NYC advertising copywriter/jingle lyricist.  Once the theater sirens called to  her she became a  playwright, lyricist and librettist.  She has written Fire Island The Musical, as well as Miracolo The Musical and Lunch At Audrey’s (a play about Audrey Hepburn)  which has been selected by regional theaters around the country.

Music by 2020 Grammy award winner Emilio Solla, Composer

Originally from Barcelona and Buenos Aires with a background in jazz tango.
Emilio plays with his orchestra around the US and Europe and brings
inventive rhythms and lush melodies to this score.  He also wrote
(with Jarlath) the beautiful score to Miracolo The Musical, set in Italy.

Direction and choreography by Fred Mann III.

Fred has extensive experience in every area of the performing arts.  He began at the
Joffrey Ballet and moved on to jazz and theater, becoming Bob Fosse’s lead dancer.
Then directing and choreographing many theatrical productions in Europe, the US
and Far East.  He is also a dramaturg and educator teaching theater and dance at
Alvin Ailey and other prestigious institutions around the country.


*Damien DeShaun Smith
*Daniel Lynn Evans
*Ellen Orchid
*Erin Burniston
*Janelle Sando
*Jordan Cyphert
*Kevin Trinio Perdido
*Tamra Paselk

Performance dates:

  • April 27 8pm
  • April 30 8pm
  • May 6 8pm
  • May 14 3pm

Ticket price: $49

Grammy winner, Emilio Solla, is on fire! Fire Island, that is.

Emilio Solla is a Grammy winning composer.  His latest project is composing the music for Fire Island The Musical.  It’s safe to say that music has been a part of his life since birth.  “Since I was born, I have been composed by several pieces of music.” 

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FIRE ISLAND THE MUSICAL Brings Grammy-Winner Emilio Solla To Createtheater’s New Work Festival At Theatre Row

Romance abounds in this feel-good musical set against the backdrop of a legendary beach’s booze and bikini lifestyle.

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Jarlath Barsanti Jacobs is a is a multi-award-winning copywriter for major NYC agencies, specializing in lyrics.  She got a tingle writing jingles and jumped ship to climb on board the theater train.  She has good taste in the composers too.  “I’m a Sondheim freak who jumped from the world of advertising jingles to theater.”  In her version of life, there is less despair and more unicorns and rainbows that translates into her work. “My mission is to lighten the load of life.  I write about the world as it should be or try to soften the blow of life as it is.”  It helps to have likeminded talented people to work with.  “I was lucky enough to find two collaborators who offer simpatico and great talent.  Emilio for music. Fred for direction.”  The musical, Fire Island combines wonderful elements with themes of love and equity.  Fire Island is full of romance, beauty, heart and fun. “ It’s a summer fun musical with a darker tone of realism underneath as it takes place at the height of the AIDS  crisis and zooms forward 22 years to the day gay marriage became legal.  It is the story  of a straight couple and a gay couple.  In the same shared beach house in a summer that  changes everything.  The theme is “love is for everyone”.  Gays and straights together.  As it should be.”

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